Sunday, December 14, 2008

Mchael Campbell Protest

Saturday the 14th of December was a show of unity in Dublin 4 as
Comrades of the IRSP Dublin Cumman Joined by Dundalk comrades,
Stood on a picket/protest with the 32csm I.R.P.W.A supporting the release of Michael Campbell from a lithuanian Jail.
This case is one of many that we see here today going through the Special Criminals Court But saturday the stand of fellow republicans will hopefully show that no longer will republicans stand by while like minded men and women are incarcerated for there beliefs.
As the Gerry Adams once said "we havent gone away you know" this is true today as it was the day it was said regarding Organizations who stand by the POWs.
Well Done to the IRSP and 32csm for taking there stand.

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