Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Irsm Introduction

We here in the Dublin Irish Republican Socialist Party are delighted to announce that the Dublin Cumman is once again back up online over the internet, Due to unforeseen circumstances with the old page members took it upon themselves to build a new page to spread the ideals and beliefs within the party.

This has been spearheaded by the Cumman as a hole and every member felt this was very important as we look to bring the party into a new era of Left Wing republicans here in Dublin.
Since 1974 the Republican Socialist movement has been active in Dublin, but over the years it has started to rebuild to show the country there is an alternative to the copper fastening of British Rule in Ireland.

As the Dublin membership is swelling and people are flocking to the cause of National liberation and the spread of Socialism, we are reminded of the words of our Founding member Seamus Costello as he said "I owe my allegiance to the working class".
When Seamus said this he launched the ideals and the beliefs that had been abandoned by the Official Republican Movement who Seamus had once been a member of.

When in 1974 Seamus Costello and other members decided to leave or had been forced from the Official Republican Movement, they carried on there Left Wing Beliefs and founded a movement that would be the radical alternative to the ORM.
On the 10th Of December 1974 with the goal and aim of "Mobilising our class towards the objective of dis-establishing the Northern colonial and Southern neo-colonial statelets on this island, thus ending imperialism and capitalism, and preparing the basic structures for an Irish Workers' State" Seamus and others like minded Independent Republicans joined together to start the Irish Republican Socialist movement.

Following soon after its formation, the Irish Republican Socialist Movement came under relentless attack from a host of adversaries. The Officials put aside their ceasefire in order to wage war on members of the IRSM, baptizing the infant movement in the blood of martyrs. The OIRA attacks continued sporadically over the course of two years, ending with the murder of the IRSP's founder and first chairperson, as well as leading theorist Seamus Costello--once Official Sinn Fein's Vice President and OIRA's Director of Operations--in October 1976. Also within the first years after the IRSM's founding, the Dublin regime unleashed what would become known as "the Heavy Gang" within the Garda against the young movement, arresting and torturing virtually the entire IRSP leadership at one point.

This shows that from early on in this movement that Dublin was very active and had a major part to play while holding this movement together through harrasment from the free state "Heavy Gang" to the execution of leading members.

In present day not much has changed as the Movement is still fighting off many of the problems that plagued the movement in the 1970s harrassment from the Draconian police force in Dublin, But as each member stands steadfast in there beliefs the movement continues to grow and as Dublin raises up a new generation of people willing to uphold the mantal that Seamus Costello risked his life and so gallantly lost it for, we call on all republicans to come and play there part.
Join the Irish Republican Socialist Party Today, Join the Revolution.