Sunday, October 25, 2009


Have you ever heard people come out with such remarks as "any job is better than no job" or "you're lucky to have a job at all"? Another one is "work comes first" if a wage slave wishes to have some time off away from exploitation to enjoy some of the limited affordable pleasures in their misserable existence. These kind of crass statements are ussually promoted by the exploiter capitalist class and the media which they control in order to make the workers feel greatful for being allowed to graft and make profits for the robber barrons. These are the same thieves who exploit peoples labour power in order to amass mega profits under the 'fairest economic and political system available', to dissprove this latter pedalled myth I suggest anybody just looks around them every day or watches the news. If this is the finest, fairest and sensible system available to human kind I shudder to think of the worst.

The capitalist class, the owners of the means of production, distribution and exchange, the people responsible for what we have affectionately come to know as 'recession' are the very same people we are stupid enough to entrust with our affairs. Any government we elect to the Dail or any other parliament for that matter are there to govern the affairs and interests of this gang of exploiters and bankers often reffered to in Marxist terms as the bourgeoisie. These people create, through their private ownership of the means of production, distribution and exchange, 'recession', which is ultimately designed to reduce wages and increase profits purposely towards this end. Once the so called recession is over this gang can triumphantly report, through their media, to the rest of us that "the recession is over" or we "are coming out of recession", the latter statement usually to forewarn people that even though we are "in economic recovery" dont expect too much. This normally means don't expect a living wage or a return to the days "when we paid ourselves too much". In reality this means when we paid you too much therefore we had to create an atmosphere of fear, through recession, so that you won't ask for a larger slice of our cake again. Remember what happened last time when we "paid ourselves too much" we went, or more to the point we forced you wage slaves, to go through 'recession'.

In order that the capitalist class maintain their mega profits which can't be done to the same extent if the workers are being "paid too much" it is very important that the system has the fear factor in place. This fear factor can be in the form of a synthetic recession within an equally synthetic economic system, or the pretence fear of "international terrorism" reportedly by some trouble making theorists to be brought about by the larger echolons of the capitalist class and their agencies to maintain their grip on society. Fear is the major weapon in the armoury of the exploiter class and just in case this does not work they have a large police force who will batter the skulls to pulp of any group who step too far out of line and just in case this proves not to be sufficient they do of course have the army at their dispossal. Be under no illussions these latter two means of control would be used if the capitalist class believed their wonderful system was under any threat.

So the moral to this story is that when and if the exploiters of labour and their banking allies decide the time is right to annonce that we "are out of recession" don't ask for a decent wage in fact maybe, just maybe, it may be an idea for the workers to pay the capitalists wages for being allowed to work at all let alone share the same planet! Just a thought.

Con Gore-Booth

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Eilis said...

and whatever you do don't present at one of their hospitals or gp's with a medical card, it's heartless cruel experimentation so the rich can 'live' longer. and as a known leftie it's worse again. reclaim the hospitals and funeral parlours crematoia etc...and nobody but them is 'crazy' the just don't want to be caught out as sadistic paedophiles so they try to discredit witnesses