Monday, May 4, 2009


Much clap trap has been preached by the modern owners of the means of production, the bourgeoisie, about the merits of the "private sector" within post modern industry and the demerits of the "public sector". These same hypocritical people will continue to inform us of the current recession within the bourgeois economy. They will often make refference to the so called "great slump", though it was anything but great in the words enjoyable sence, of 1929 and how bad things were. On this they are quite correct, times were difficult, very difficult, but not so much for the capitalist class as much as the working class.

In the United States of America where the "slump" started, when the capitalist Stock Exchange (Wall Street) crashed, conditions for the working class were atrocious to say the least. Many people of bourgeois origin joined gangster organisations led by such people as Al Capone. With this increase in organised crime were dragged a number of disposessed workers. However this is not the main theme of this brief argument.

As I said earlier the private sector are continuously knocking publicly funded industries and service providers. They do not, however, give the full picture after all why should they? One reason the present recession has not reached the levels of depravation of 1929 is simply because of the public sector. In 1929 only 5% of the economy in the United States consisted of state or semi-state concerns, today it is nearer 30% which may account largely as to why the US economy, dire as it may be, will not reach the 1929 levels. Such concerns are not dependant on profit making greed. This greed by the capitalist class, and all that goes with it, is wholly responsible for the mess the economies of the , what we refer to as developed countries, are in.

Broaden this argument out onto a more global basis and the next time you hear the likes of Michael O'Leary Chairman of Ryan Air, Denis O'Brien, or any other so called captain of industry slagging off the public sector in defence of their own narrow interests within the private arena consider the possibility that it could be this same public sector which is staving off the depths of depression of 1929. Don't be fooled by their lies of self preservation. Economic recessions like most other issues within the capitalist system are very much class issues. As it should not have escaped any sane thinking persons perception the rich lose very little while the working class lose, in many cases, everything.

The next time, which wont be very long, the so called "Captains of Industry" are heared trying to riddicule the public sector, on the idiotic grounds that they are not profitable, spare a thought for the possibility that it may be this same public sector which is saving the capitalist economy from even greater depression. The so called model of "perfect competition", of which there is very little perfection, is one of the major causes of working class misery and not the goods and services which are state or semi-state run. For example the health service and the local authorities which, so far, are not embroiled in this semi-imbecile system the bourgeoisie are pleased to inform us is the finest available. The proof of this capitalist lie is evident on a daily basis simply turn on the news or buy a newspaper.

William Thompson

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